IT Audit, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Identity & Access Management, and IT Governance
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IT Audit

Applications and Database key control management, internal audit remediation and testing. Identification of control risks and appropriate road maps to address current and future risk.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, vulnerability analysis for both internal as well as external threats. Full scale pen testing for networks, systems, databases and cloud environments.

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Identity & Access Management

Enterprise Access Management and security modeling for applications. Hardening of assets and identification of external/internal threat management.

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IT & Data Governance

Stewardship, Custodianship and Business focused context to define the myriad of rules and policies for both data and systems design & development of data quality metrics, data governance metrics full data at rest and data in-flight lineage leading to transparency.



IAM Audit in an Age of Rising Risk

BAI Banking Strategies
Managing access and identities in a myriad of systems across the banking enterprise can be costly and take time. Do your homework and consider a custom solution to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization

Big Data for Bigger Profits

BAI Banking Strategies
Big Data offers opportunity for improved profitability – if banks can avoid letting the big hype get in the way. Just because something is heavily hyped, doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. Big Data is a big deal

Forget About the 360 Degree View. Just Start Cross-Selling

American Banker: Bank Think
Waiting for Data Utopia leads to lots of waiting and not so much doing…Yes, having a complete view would vastly enable wise decisions about expanding a customer relationship. But rare is the bank that has a 360 view of a customer or even a 180 or 90

RequisitePro by Rational Software Corporation

Java Developer’s Journal
Review of RequisitePro Business Requirements Software. As IT projects proliferate due to the wide use of the Web for day-to-day business and commerce, it has become clear that the success of these projects can be attributed to proper due diligence.